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TA Application FAQ


I received an offer for a position. What does the appointment % mean?

The table below attempts to explain what the most common appointments mean.

The TA Appointment System
25% appointment

= 10 hours/wk
= half-time employment for students
= eligibility for health insurance
= 1/2 tuition waiver
= 1/2 of semester monetary stipend

50% appointment
= 20 hours/wk
= full-time employment for students
= eligibility for health insurance
= full tuition waiver
= entire semester monetary stipend

Can I hold more than one TA position?

Typically the total appointment is limited to 50%. This is how appointments can be 25% TA for two classes or be both a 25% RA and a 25% TA.

How does the process of assigning TAs work?

  1. The Program Director establishes a preliminary number of TA positions for each class
  2. Completed TA applications are distributed to course instructors based on which classes the applicant showed interest
  3. Course instructors make their recommendations for TAs
  4. The Program Director takes all instructor recommendations and creates the first round of appointment offers for each class
  5. Students are contacted with offers and asked to accept or reject within a time frame
  6. Open positions are compild and sent back to instructors for round two of appointment offers
  7. Once all positions are filled, the Program Director officially provides the list to payroll for entry

Professor X said I'd be a TA for his class, but my appointment letter is for something different. Who do I listen to?

Only the Program Director can offer you a position. Course instructors recommend you for the job.

I do not have an English Language Proficience rating yet. Can I still apply for a position?

Yes! However, once you know the date you will take the test, contact the Program Director so you application can be updated. Please go to this site for an Overview of Spoken English Testing and TA Eligibility.

Why does this appointment process take so long?

There are many reasons why this takes so long. to start with, it's a multi-step process. Secondly, there are several people who must approve along the way. Lastly, candidates frequently drop out due to receiving RA positions. This causes some TAs to be reassigned and can create additional openings at the last minute.

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