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MS - IE Track

Students studying for the MS in ISyE on the IE Track have three options for completing their degree: Plan A, B, or C. Plan A requires 20 course credits and a thesis. Plan B requires 30 course credits and a final project. Plan C requires 32 course credits and no thesis or final project.

How to Apply

Core Course Requirements

MS students who choose Plan B or C of the IE Track take four out of the five core courses listed below, and those who choose Plan A take three out the five. In all cases, two of the selected courses must be IE 5531 and IE 5532, or qualifying replacements. Students may replace core courses with more advanced courses if they have already taken the equivalent of the core course elsewhere. A list of acceptable replacements is shown below (possible replacement courses are italicized).

IE 5531 Engineering Optimization I

IE 8521 Optimization
IE 8531 Discrete Optimization
IE 8534 Advanced Topics in Operations Research

IE 5532 Stochastic Models

IE 8532 Stochastic Processes and Queueing Systems
IE 8533 Advanced Stochastic Processes and Queueing Systems
IE 8534 Advanced Topics in Operations Research

IE 5551 Production and Inventory Control

IE 8552 Advanced Topics in Production, Inventory, and Distribution Systems

IE 5545 Decision Analysis

IE 5511 Human Factors and Work Analysis

IE 8538 Advanced Topics in Information Systems
IE 8541 Decision Support Systems

Sample MS Plan B Curriculums (IE Track)

For More Information

Please contact Dr. William Cooper.


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