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M.S. in ISyE - Analytics Track

The Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering - Analytics Track offers a high-quality, relevant, and cost-effective education for students interested in pursuing a career in the knowledge-based economy of the 21st century. The degree is offered through University of Minnesota's Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE).

About the Program

Analytics encompasses many different areas: optimization, statistics, computing, data analysis, and communication. Becoming proficient in all areas requires time and experience. Our program focuses on fundamentals. Through coursework and a capstone project sponsored by an industry partner, students build a foundation for continued improvement in data-driven methodologies for model building, decision making, and communication of results.


Analytics is the process of using data to generate insights and make decisions. With the proliferation of data sources, wide availability of computational tools, and business' desire to gain a competitive advantage, Analytics has become its own cross-disciplinary field. Its practitioners are in high demand: A 2016 report by the McKinsey Global Institute indicates that it is likely that demand for analytics employees will outstrip the supply of available analytics talent.

Why ISyE?

The goal of learning from data is to make better decisions. This goal lies at the heart of our Analytics Track curriculum. In addition to descriptive and predictive methods, our program emphasizes prescriptive methods that help decision-makers select appropriate courses of action. The core curriculum is grounded in the methodology of Operations Research/Industrial Engineering and also includes courses from Computer Science and Statistics as well as a flexible choice of electives. Students receive training from engaged, energetic faculty in a full range of skills to implement, analyze, and improve data-oriented engineering and business processes.

The Twin Cities

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering is located on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus in the heart of Minneapolis. A new, modern light rail system connects the campus with downtown Minneapolis, downtown St. Paul, and the MSP International Airport. With year-round outdoor activities and a diversified economy, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are consistently rated among the best places to live and work. The state of Minnesota is home to 18 Fortune 500 companies.

Analytics Track Curriculum (30 credits)

The 3-semester (16-month) curriculum is listed below. Students enter the program in the fall semester, and are expected to finish the program in the subsequent fall semester.

Fall Semester (First)

Spring Semester

Fall Semester (Second)

Note: Non-native English speakers must take 32 credits rather than 30 with the addition of ESL 5008. Non-native English speakers with TOEFL scores above 115 are allowed to place out of ESL 5008, and therefore need only 30 credits to graduate.

Approved Elective List

Note: It is possible to select other electives, subject to departmental approval.

How to Apply

Visit our How-to-Apply page for application information.

For More Information

Please contact Dr. William Cooper for more information.


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