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Professor Saif Benjaafar

Saif Benjaafar


Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Ph.D., Purdue University, School of Industrial Engineering, 1992
M.S., Purdue University, School of Industrial Engineering, 1989
B.S., University of Texas at Austin, Department of Electrical Engineering, 1987

Office: ME 130G - phone: (612) 626-7239
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Designing smart supply chains: Saif Benjaafar, article in Research @ the U of M


Broad interest in supply chain management, service and manufacturing operations, production and inventory systems, and applications of stochastic modeling, optimization, and game theory. Current research interests include sustainability and environmental modeling in supply chains, healthcare operations and healthcare supply chains, flexibility in service and manufacturing operations, and cooperation and resource sharing in supply chains and operations.

Research Laboratories

Selected Publications


Chen, R., S. Benjaafar and W. L. Cooper, “On the Impact of Input Price Variability in Stochastic Inventory Systems,”  in review, 2014.

Benjaafar, S/ and X. Chen,  “On the Effectiveness of Emission Penalties in Decentralized Supply Chains," in review, 2014.

Benjaafar, S., W. Yu and D. Chen, “Managing Inventory Systems with Scare Resources,” in review, 2014 (Winner of the INFORMS Section on Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment Best Student Paper Award; POMS-HK Best Student Paper Award, Finalist)

Yu, Y., S. Benjaafar and Y. Gerchak, “Capacity Sharing and Cost Allocation Among Independent Firms with Congestion,” accepted for publication in Production and Operations Management, 2014 (Winner of the IIE Pritsker Best Doctoral Dissertation Award).

Wang, Y., O. Jouini and S. Benjaafar, “Service Systems with Finite and Heterogeneous Customer Arrivals,” Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 16, 365-380, 2014.

Benjaafar, S. and M. Savelsbergh, “Carbon-Aware Transport and Logistics,” EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics, 3, 1-3, 2014 (An Introduction to the Special Issue).

Huang, S., L. He, J. Gu, Kris Wood and S. Benjaafar, “Design of a Mobile Charging Service for Electric Vehicles in an Urban Environment,” forthcoming in IEEE Transactions on ITS, 2014.

Chen, X. and S. Benjaafar, “The Carbon-Constrained EOQ,” Operations Research Letters, 41, 172-179, 2013 (Most downloaded papers in 2013-2014).

Benjaafar, S., Y. Li and M. Daskin, “Carbon Footprint and the Management of Supply Chains: Insights from Simple Models,” IEEE Transactions on ASE, 10, 99-116, 2013 (Invited article for the Special Issue on Green Manufacturing; Most downloaded papers in 2013-2014).

Hua, Z., W. Zhang and S. Benjaafar, “Optimal Inventory Control with Heterogeneous Suppliers,” Production and Operations Management, 21, 564-575, 2012.

Marvin, W. A., L. D. Schmidt, S. Benjaafar, D. G. Tiffany and P. Daoutidis, “Economic Optimization of a Lignocellulosic Biomass-to-Ethanol Supply Chain,” Chemical Engineering Science, 67, 68-79, 2012 (Special Issue on Energy). A conference proceedings version of this paper was also published in Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 29, 1728-1732, 2011 (Special issue dedicated to the 21st European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering – ESCAPE 21).

Benjaafar, S., M. Elhafsi, C. Y. Lee and W. Zhou, “Optimal Control of Assembly Systems with Multiple Stages and Multiple Demand Classes,” Operations Research, 59, 522-529, 2011.

Benjaafar, S., W. L. Cooper and S. Mardan, “Production-Inventory Systems with Imperfect Advance Demand Information and Updating,” Naval Research Logistics, 58, 88-106, 2011 (Winner of the Harold W. Kuhn Award, 2012).

Benjaafar, S., M. Elhafsi and T. Huang, “Optimal Control of a Production-Inventory System with both Backorders and Lost Sales,” Naval Research Logistics, 57, 252-265, 2010.

Benjaafar, S., J. P. Gayon, and S. Tepe, "Production-Inventory Systems with Customer Impatience," Operations Research Letters, 38, 267-272, 2010.

Gayon, J. P., S. Benjaafar and F. de Véricourt, “Using Imperfect Demand Information in Production-Inventory Systems with Multiple Demand Classes,” Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 11, 128-143, 2009 (Winner of the M&SOM Best Paper Award, 2011). An article authored by Jeannette Song highlighting the contributions of the paper appeared in Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 13, 419, 2011.

Hu, B. and S. Benjaafar, “On Server Partitioning in Queueing Systems during Rush Hour,” Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 11, 416-428, 2009.

Begnaud, J., S. Benjaafar and L. A. Miller, “The Multilevel Lot Sizing Problem with Flexible Production Sequences,” IIE Transactions, 41, 702-715, 2009.

Gaglioppa, F., L. Miller and S. Benjaafar, “Multi-Task and Multi-Stage Production Planning and Scheduling for Process Industries,” Operations Research, 56, 110-1025, 2008.

Benjaafar, S., Y. Li, D. Xu and S. Elhedhli, “Demand Allocation in Systems with Multiple Inventory Locations and Multiple Demand Sources,” Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 4, 43-60, 2008.

Benjaafar, S., E. Elahi and K. Donohue, “Outsourcing via Service Quality Competition,” Management Science, 53, 241-259, 2007.

Lahmar, M. and S. Benjaafar, “Sequencing with Limited Flexibility,” IIE Transactions, 39, 937-955, 2007 (Featured Article in IIE Solutions Magazine).

Benjaafar, S. and M. El Hafsi, “Production and Inventory Control of a Single Product Assemble-to-Order System with Multiple Customer Classes,” Management Science, 52, 1896-1912, 2006.

Benjaafar, S., William L. Cooper and J. S. Kim, “On the Benefits of Inventory Pooling in Production-Inventory Systems,” Management Science, 51, 548-565, 2005. Extended abstract in Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 4, 12-16, 2002 (M&SOM Best Student Paper Award, Honorable Mention). An extended Abstract of the paper appeared in Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 4, 12-16, 2002.

Lahmar, M. and S. Benjaafar, “Design of Dynamic Distributed Layouts,” IIE Transactions, 37, 303–318, 2005 (Winner of the Outstanding Material Handling & Logistics Research Paper Award, Material Handling Institute; Featured Article in IIE Solutions Magazine).

Benjaafar, S., M. Elhafsi and F. de Véricourt, “Demand Allocation in Multi-Product, Multi-Facility Make-to-Stock Systems,” Management Science, 50, 1431-1448, 2004.

Gurumurthi, S. and S. Benjaafar, “Modeling and Analysis of Flexible Queueing Systems,” Naval Research Logistics, 51, 755-782, 2004.

Benjaafar, S., J. S. Kim and N. Vishwanadham, “On the Effect of Product-Variety in Production-Inventory Systems,” Annals of Operations Research, 126, 71-101, 2004.

Gupta, D. and S. Benjaafar, “Make-to-order, Make-to-stock, or Delay Product Differentiation? - A Common Framework for Modeling and Analysis,” IIE Transactions, 36, 529-546, 2004 (Featured Article in IIE Solution Magazine).

Strike, D. and S. Benjaafar, “Practice Abstract: Optimizing Inventory Control at 3M,” Interfaces, 34, 115-116, 2004 (INFORMS Edelman Award, Semifinalist).

.Lahmar, M., H. Ergan and S. Benjaafar, “Resequencing and Feature Assignment on an Automated Assembly Line,” IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation, 19, 89-103, 2003.

Benjaafar, S., S. Heragu and S. Irani, “Next Generation Factory Layouts: Research Challenges and Recent Progress,” Interfaces, 32, 6, 58-76, 2002 (One of the most frequently cited papers in Interfaces according to research published in Interfaces in2010).

Kim, J. S. and S. Benjaafar, “Extended Abstract: On the Benefits of Inventory Pooling in Production-Inventory Systems,” Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 4, 12-16, 2002 (M&SOM Best Student Paper Award, Honorable Mention).

Bar-Cohen, A., Benjaafar, S. and M. Iyengar, “Design for Manufacturability of Natural Convection Cooled Heat Sinks,” International Journal of Transport Phenomenon, 4, 43-57, 2002.

Benjaafar, S., “Modeling and Analysis of Congestion in the Design of Facility Layouts,” Management Science, 48, 679-204, 2002.

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